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decisions Apr. 30th, 2005 @ 10:46 am
well mom's in the hospital again sodium level too low this time

busy weekend (relative wed thurs are my weekend)got and offer from the DM to move to day shift electronics normaly i wouldn't even consider it since i can't stand quite a few day shift people but it is the one department i would actualy enjoy working but i think i'll stay with overnights at least till the supercenter i like the crew i work with now and i can't see takeing the pay cut to get asked stupid questions by so many people since if nights are any indication the intelligant intresting ones are out numbered about 15 to 1 by fucktards (RE: the guy that wondered if his DVD player still had to be pluged into the wall when it was pluged into his TV or the one that wanted to know what kind of print cartrage her printer needed when asked what kind she had she replied "A Dell")

CFR a good idea and they sure as hell made CTC sit up and take notice CTCs speeds have gone up prices down and yesterday was the 4th time they said they would be here to get it running and again didn't show this after 2 months of waiting for them to get their structure up time to bite the bullet tell CTC to kick me up to the 3meg connection and tell CFR to come get their antenna

Current Mood: tiredtired

oh yea Apr. 26th, 2005 @ 08:22 am
still trying to get the CFR connection to work the secratary is trying like hell to keep me happy and get it working the higher ups however have stood me up twice now and when they did show up they didn't do anything and he expects me to but awake at 3pm when i work overnights

this shit keeps up i'm gonna return their equipment in person bite the bullet and go tell CTC to kick me up to their 3meg connection

Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

Battlestar Galactica Apr. 26th, 2005 @ 07:51 am
To all the people that said this was good i will find a painful way to kill you all

let's see we have the big bad evil bots all shiney and meniceing . . . except for the biological ones that can't be told from humans even with genetic testing no metal no hardware all flesh and blood and it's a robot . . . sure

then we have the fighters that no one flys . . . fine i can deal with why put a perfectly good ground troop in a fighter when you can just build a bot into the fighter . . . except the fighters are piloted by globs of mysterious bio-robot . . . fine

we have a pregnant cylon (robot) . . . WHAT THE FUCK?!

then there's the cathloic propaganda blitz not only do you have a robot preaching to a human about "the one true god and his eternal plan" (the dominating religion of the series has 12 gods) you have a HALUCINATION of a robot preaching to a human A LOT this human happens to be a "briliant scientist" but decides that there's no other "logical" explination for how his luck goes good just when he give in to "gods will" (this fucker caves like a pop can under a truck after about 30 seconds so we're not talking iron will here) even when the other caracters parcticly say yea i found this out about 3 hours ago and have been trying to tell you since then but you just kept muttering to yourself

the last epp i saw was listed as the series finale as in that's it we're done the shit left hanging is pathetic they have seen but not gotten to there first major point on the trip (kabala or how ever the fuck you spell it) the commander bleeding on the table with 2 almost certanly fatal wounds (a pilot managed to get shot to hell crash on a planet survive find a crashed enemy fighter that she took out with one shot but that landed upright and undamaged except for the bullet hole figure out how to fly it and get back to galactia without getting blown to hell all in about 30 hours mind you she had only 28 hours of O2 and the air on the planet was toxic so i have no faith in bullets not to mention the "bio-cylon" that ate a bullet and just ended up with a hole in her cheek)

someone find me a murder mystery and slap the words ray gun in a few dozzen times it'd be less painful

*goes to dig up a copy of the remake of Planet of the Apes to make the pain stop*


CFR was here Apr. 20th, 2005 @ 02:24 pm
got the stick up the cable run and everything set up

but do you think it'll link up? hell no

i can now add makeing a $900 a day uber tech go umm and i'll call you back i have to double check with somebody to my list of life acomplishments


the gods they wish to fuck with me Apr. 20th, 2005 @ 07:31 am
well CFR came yesterday and they are comeing again today the installer wasen't big on the idea of standing on a ladder waveing arround a big metal stick with thunder rolling all over the place

can't say i blame him

and they ran into the age old problem of money they can't afford all the hardware to get 3meg running so i get no speed loss from current and pay $15 instead of $50 for up to 6 months they figure on about 3 months till they can afford to get all the equipment but hell it's still a $20 drop from what i pay CTC now and once they do get 3 meg going i'll pay about what i pay CTC for double the speed

so hopefuly today

Other entries
» woot
CFR called today and i've got instilation at 10am on tuesday
» this is too good
ok CFR wireless is now fully operational with one hitch they turned on the network and blew williston basin electric/MDU's (local gas/power company) radio grid compleatly off the map i guess the power company has been useing bands that there not supposed to and they are now trying to take the attitude that we were here first thoes bands are ours this with an FCC liscence saying they belong to CFR so now another short delay while eather the FCC gives CFR a new range MDU is forced to update equipment or both

» oh this is fucking rich
worst advertiseing Best Buy will EVER get


well started playing the campaign on doom3 x-box finaly was scared that they had to gut the campaign to make it work on the box

they changed A LOT but none of them are too bad so far mainly it's just cutting up the levels into smaller parts so that the box can load them and cutting off parts of the levels that were just there for flavor origionaly (the bathroom in marine commnd is the most noticable since it was a terrific scare point) and made a lot of the needed flavor areas FMV sequences i think the ammo may be a bit more abundant but i'm not sure they did make it brighter for TV displays heven't missed the gun light mod i use on PC (gives you an extreamly narrow flashlight on your "walking arround" guns [pistol, machine gun and shotgun]) haven't missed it yet anyway

speaking of changes i've noticed in the included DOOM][ that some of the darkest rooms have "guide lines" on the floor now to show you to the possable exits you can tell they are new because they are way too smooth for the old textures and the animation they use (simple light pulse type thing) is far too smooth and fast compared to everything else but other than that it's plenty faithful you can still drop 3 former humans with a shotgun if you aim right

so both ports are very well done

now to see how well they did the BFG and the CyberDeamon


» all is revealed

now i know why i got stuck doing flyers mom's cousin Carl who had a heart attack a little over a month ago is the only one doing a damn thing with the benefit

now normaly this isn't supriseing but he was already working on a raffle by himself and the benefit was going to be just mom's siblings orginasing it (there's 7 of them BTW 2 of them are here in town and 1 on a farm within 40 miles of town) they were supposed to get everything set up and run the whole thing

well nothing was happening then i guess arround last month Carl finaly gets curious enough to ask and lo and behold nothing had been done so kind old Carl offers to help unsupriseingly to thoes that know these people it gets dumped on him now they won't even return his calls can't help but think that this shows how much they care

so now dad has decided we can lend Carl a hand for him yes he's just about the only blood relation i have that i can claim as being reliable the rest arn't usually too bad but then i also wouldn't trust most of them to find water in a rain storm without help

so now there's 17 days to slap it together and make it float he'll probably pull it off and if not it'll be a damn good imitation but so help me any of them try and take credit for setting it up they are going to bleed


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